At CES, Brad Feld, Chief Executive Officer of the Factory Group, led a fireplace chat with James Park, Co-Founder and CEO of Fitbit, regarding the startup journey and also the ups and also downs they’ve experienced given that they began and all the means with to IPO.

How did Fitbit get started?

In late 2006, James Park as well as his co-founder, Eric Friedman, were working from a business which is currently part of CBS. Nintendo had actually simply released the Nintendo Wii, which was the very first consumer tool that had accelerometers, and it was the initial item that verified pc gaming was asking to be made right into something fun and energetic for users. During April 2007, they chose to start Fitbit. At the time, the firm was simply Eric, James, and also some consultants aiding part time.

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How long did it consider Fitbit to have something that would certainly appear like a Fitbit?

By the time they created their first prototype, they were increasing Collection A financial investment. Individuals began to get more interested in the company as soon as they saw an elegant item (that was in fact constructed of plastic).

Around the IPO, they returned to evaluate their pitch decks. The slides review, “Automated personal instructor and also nutritionist in your pocket.” It is not much from just what they are currently, although they pivoted every 6 months. Fitbit has actually held with the original vision, nevertheless they weren’t providing much to investors.

How much cash did the firm raising prior to Series A?

Thanks to family and friends, James and Eric were able to elevate around $400K. This preliminary financing is just what took them to manufacturing as well as released the item. However, the cash went out quickly.

In September 2007, elevating for Series A was various – they went to TechCrunch Disrupt with a prototype that “type of functioned” for the demo. They informed people that they were delivering at Christmas (yet they didn’t claim which Xmas!)– and every person was excited.

How did you obtain people thrilled concerning Fitbit?

The preliminary excitement came after the company joined Kickstarter. Later on, the weekend break prior to TechCrunch Disrupt, James shared photos of his pals making use of the device. Their site was poorly improved a ‘sketchy’ platform, so they really did not assume any individual was mosting likely to pre-order the device. Less than a month after the conference, they had over one thousand pre-orders.

Since the production wasn’t all set for launch, James developed a blog site as well as a Flickr account to keep people upgraded on the status of the item, including exactly what they were doing to obtain the item ready for consumers. This constant interaction maintained individuals from rioting as well as despising the company.

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Did any of you have a background in consumer electronics products?

James only had a single semester of college under his belt, so no. Eric, on the other hand, had a Bachelor’s degree and also a Master’s. Eric was accountable for software as well as James was in charge of hardware.

How did it really feel the very first moment you had package in your hand with the generated Fitbit?

Both co-founders did not feel One Hundred Percent positive in the product. Unlike software application, they couldn’t repair it as well as spot it up as soon as it was launched and also shipped, this was equipment, it needed different kind of job. We were lucky adequate to take advantage of something individuals were passionate about, so people simply ignored the initial couple of mistakes.

What was the path like going ahead after the first manufacturing line?

In the start, during the Christmas of 2008, 5000 units were out after a number of months of production. They had 25K to 30K pre-orders in their platform and also by the end of 2009 they had concerning $500K in earnings. In 2010, the production was up to 50K devices with $5M in revenue.

When James and also Eric were looking for to increase their Series B, they were looking for around $12M in funding. Throughout this time, they consulted with about 40 VCs. In the long run, they were denied among them and also ended up elevating a Series A-1 instead.

By the moment they met with Brad Feld as a prospective financier, Fitbit currently had Fitbit One, which was the product they were releasing after Fitbit Classic and Fitbit Ultra, as well as that’s when things started to really move. Classic and also Ultra were both released prior to any type of type of mobile connectivity, so in order for them to obtain data from the gadget to the backend, they needed to develop their own platform. It was not a quality experience for the user.

When they listened to Apple was releasing 3rd party app growth, they stopped coding the backend, due to the fact that they determined to bank on Apple to do that, although it was just a rumor. When it ultimately took place, that’s when the company took off, Fitbit went from $15M to $76M in profits, which represented 5x growth over a year.

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What made Fitbit various from various other companies?

The key words to describe Fitbit was “health and fitness tracker” or “activity tracker.” Info that was invisible prior to was made visible so individuals could have fun with it, including different type of information to provide a personalized coaching or guidance experience which used information in a smart method. That modification brought them from $70M to $300M in revenue.

Next, they changed the marketing approach. Before, they just utilized social media sites systems and word of mouth, maybe a post right here and there. But in order to go from $300M to $750M, they should change their distribution in a major method, starting with their circulation handle Best Acquire. Advertising and marketing bucks were invested in network marketing, getting displays as well as placing them in stores, which aided with marketing, yet likewise assisted informing staff of shops by having POP marketing at the stores.

What would certainly you have actually done in a different way considering that you began Fitbit?

Fitbit was fortunate to wind up with a small pool of financiers, which suggested there was a great deal of cohesiveness on the board and also almost no egos, it was focused on obtaining things done. Eventually as a firm, they were truly hopeless for financial investment now are grateful to not have actually accepted several of those financiers on the board, due to the fact that the crucial component was having individuals that counted on the product.

One of James’ largest shifts was when he stopped coding. He went to handle the equipment part of the service in the summer season of 2014, but he was still entailed in the company’s internal operations. A great deal of stuff was being neglected, as an example, they were still utilizing Quickbooks till they had about $300M in income, so they employed a CFO that aided them plan for the IPO.


What was it like going from a private to a public company?

The transition from exclusive to public was just one of the hardest things for the founders to do. They experienced incredibly fast lane development and introduced a brand-new item called Fitbit 4, that included Shade ID and alphanumeric screen. At the time, they marketed around 600K systems and also within a couple of months, discovered the product had health and wellness dangers as well as people were beginning to obtain skin irritation. They had actually currently raised concerning $65M by that factor and also had $300M in revenue.

The direct exposure and obligation consisted of inventory, stock that they owed the providers, and also the expense of that manufacturing blunder, which was close to $100M. In regards to money flow, it was a hit they can take, but the threat was losing customer confidence. They had to service convincing the suppliers to pile their screens with other Fitbit products as opposed to their competitors.

The IPO procedure began in late 2014, Fitbit started all the paperwork in January 2015 and went public by June of that year.

What’s coming for Fitbit in 2017?

Fitbit’s vision is to earn everybody on the planet healthier, as well as they desire to do it from a customer viewpoint. The objective is making Fitbit an important component of the medical care community. Currently they’re developing sensing units and also the software that will support them.

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What is the ideal recommendations for entrepreneurs?

  • Be prepared for a great deal of grey hairs.
  • Raise reliable capital – errors are truly expensive.
  • Try to have the appropriate capitalist base.
  • Co-found your start-up with someone you have chemistry with.