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Data defense breaches of health and wellness relevant sensitive data may happen via a mere video clip scanning a person’s face according to a current research.

Face scan technology

According to a recent research, cardiac diseases could be identified and also diagnosed making use of contactless video surveillance of the face through a modern technology as well as an algorithm that check the face as well as discover skin colour adjustments invisible to the nude eye. Colour changes spotted by video surveillance referred a person’s heart price as discovered on an electrocardiogram.

Google Vividown precedent

While this is a really fascinating improvement, it likewise increases some data defense concerns connecting to the possible property development of such modern technologies. As well as without a doubt, this concern advises me the so called conflict Vividown case.

That conflict occurred from the publication by a user of a video clip on Google Video showing a disabled small while he was bullied by his schoolmates. During that circunstance a personal privacy associated crime was tested to some Google managers as a result of the illegal processing of sensitive data connecting to the health and wellness conditions of the small as well as in certain his handicap that had been revealed to the general public with the video itself.

As place of the case Google supervisors had actually wased initially convicted by the court of initial instance and also after that acquitted. Such disagreement shows that the simple recording of photos via a video could lead to the unlawful processing of personal information which triggers considerable personal privacy related compliance obligations.

Data protection issues

I recently gone over concerning the information security concerns associating to eHealth innovations and also certainly the handling of health and wellness associated delicate information provides surge to significant responsibilities in terms of personal privacy details notice to be given to individuals, hand composed approval to be obtained from them, protection steps to be executed in the storage space of such data and so on.

Yet, the breach of such responsibilities could lead not simply to possible fines that with the new EU Information Protection Law will reach a value up to 5 % of the worldwide team turn over of the breaching entity, but additionally to criminal sanctions versus the supervisors of the business responsible for the relevant choices which created the violation as originally challenged to Google’s supervisors in the case referred above.

If the development of such modern technologies will allow to scan people’ faces and obtain health and wellness related data connecting to them through a plain video clip taken for circumstances at an event, this could significantly raise on the one hand the prospective illegal handling of individual information and on the other hand the conformity responsibilities to which companies operating such videos will certainly be subject. Wearable technologies could be able to get information regarding users according to methods unpredictable up till recently.

The above will certainly need to a greater degree of data defense conformity also in the storage space of collected information to stay clear of dangers of cybercrime. For this purpose we are working for some clients and liasing with the regulator in order to locate solutions that will make certain the conformity with information protection regulations, yet at the exact same time are customer pleasant as well as conveniently workable by businesses.