A number of weeks back, Phandroid damaged the information of a Google trademark for a brand name called “METHOD”. We originally believed it may be for a Google watch that we hadn’t found out about, though hallmark summaries are so obscure that it was little bit more than a guess. Well, it’s not the Nexus wearable we were imagining, however it’s still cool.


MODE is a brand name of wristbands for the different Android Wear watches you can purchase the Google Shop. The bands break on with a hold system. All you require to do is press the small button on the bottom of the wristband, attach it to the mode adapter, and also let go. Done.

At the Google Store, you select your watch so Google can figure out the dimension, and after that you’re blended off to the variety of varieties at hand. To begin, Google has either leather or silicone bands in a selection of various colors:


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This is a terrific action for Google. Their ‘be with each other, not the exact same’ concept mostly commemorated the large amount of choice you get for Android devices, so giving people the capability to exercise that very same choice for wristbands is a no-brainer. The firm positioned terrific value on the simplicity with which you can switch bands, so using various bands to go with various clothing does not need to be a chore.

Leather method bands will run you $59.99 each, while the Silicone designs will certainly run $10 less expensive. You can grab them straight from Google or Amazon online, but if you’re more of a traditional individual you’ll enjoy to discover that Ideal Purchase will be carrying them, as well.