The Fossil Q lineup really did not just have an Android Put on watch – there are health and fitness bands as well as analog watches in its collection. One of those is the Fossil Q Grant, which – like the Razer Nabu Watch – goes for a much more standard watch encounter while carrying out a little wise functionality.


The Fossil Q Grant’s ‘clever’ abilities do not extend as well much. Your wrist will certainly shake when any sort of relevant notices come through to your phone (and a little blue alert while blink if that isn’t really adequate). It additionally counts your actions. Which’s it.

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Most of the magic (if you can call it that) is done in Fossil’s application. They’ll show you just how lots of actions you take as well as will certainly use that info to estimate the amount of calories you have actually melted. It’s right here where you could likewise identify which alerts send out an alert to your watch, so those aggravating Twitter good friends won’t be establishing your watch off every 5 seconds.

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And that’s that. It’s a regular watch or else, with a dial that’s made use of to by hand establish the time just as you would on any sort of other traditional timepiece. It does look rather good, though, so we’ll offer it a few factors on that alone.

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You can see the numerous versions as well as wrist bands in the photos over, as well as you could going right here to buy one if you’re sold.