The legend of the grand (and elusive) Google VR headset continues in a very complex way. Records leading up to Google I/O recommended Google was dealing with a VR headset, and while we believed we could see it release at the huge programmers’ seminar, just what we got instead was a VR platform called Daydream.

Alongside that platform was a recommendation design for innovative VR headsets as well as controllers, and also Google verified that they would at some point produce a real headset based on that layout to obtain the round rolling.

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But strategies for an advanced VR headset are said to have been ditched. That’s words from Recode, anyhow, that was informed that Google scrapped a headset that would certainly compete with the similarity the HTC Vive as well as Oculus Rift.

Stop right there, however, because Engadget has it on good authority that the company is still dealing with some type of high-end VR equipment, nonetheless the job Google is checking out now is more of a hybrid VR and also AR (augmented truth) experience, and it ‘d be much more akin to Microsoft’s Hololens than anything else. The device will reportedly be standalone with its very own screen as well as hardware, so you will not require a PC or phone to lug around.

Indeed, we have actually long suspected that Google’s vision for the future is replaced even more within the increased truth world. For beginners, the troubled Google Glass was the first tipping stone right into a globe where our environments became our user interface with the introduction of a heads-up display. The job hit a bit of a standstill in regards to customer advancement, though Google still seems examining things behind the scenes with enterprises.

More than that, though, was the development of Tango. It’s enhanced fact on an entire covered dish of steroids. When we initially saw the capabilities of Tango – its ability to map locations in 3D and detect its family member position in a room – we were blown away. We believed it could be a pricey innovation to access, but then this affordable gadget involved fulfillment. It’s clear that augmented reality is still important for Google, as well as Tango is visiting be a quite big handle the future of online experiences.

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So, is Google making a headset or otherwise? Possibly, or perhaps not. It’s feasible that Recode was told regarding a particular project and also not VR plans generally, as well as that maybe their source really did not have accessibility to Google’s various other goings-on to painting a much better picture.

In short, your guess is as great as any person’s at this moment, however with all the hiring they’ve been doing to get some kind of significant hardware off the ground we’re going to opt to believe we’re in for something huge within the next few years.