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SamMobile has actually dug down a Samsung patent application that points the South Oriental giant working with the development of wise call lenses. These contact lenses are going to be far much better compared to virtual fact glasses like the Google Glass or for that matter ever Samsung’s own HUD glasses or the Equipment VR. This following generation wearable is visiting change the means we regard VR and also other applications which depend on detection of eye’s motion for input, like in eye-tracking tools. The license for this wise get in touch with lens has actually been submitted few years earlier in South Korea.

This patent titled “Smart contact lens for increased reality and also methods of manufacturing as well as operating the very same” programs equipment having a tiny screen, cam, antenna and sensing units. All this will certainly combine to give the customer a brand-new means to take pleasure in augmented reality applications and for a much more exact eye moment monitoring. This wearable is visiting be coupled with a smart device for all the handling.

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Primary reason for the advancement of smart contact lens is to get over the shortcomings of smart glasses and offer the user a reasonable experience of VR applications. Truth that we are seeing it today could possibly mean Samsung has already established a prototype of the smart contact lenses as well as its reveal could possibly come anytime in the following few months or perhaps years. The possibility of such wearable never ever making it past the drawing board can also not be counted out.

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