Motorola’s initial Moto 360 was the poster youngster for Android Use, a circular smartwatch that aimed to imitate a true watch, instead of take the ‘easy’ option and also adhere to a square screen. The execution didn’t rather match the principle nevertheless, with a limited battery life, an overly big layout as well as some doubtful selections relating to customisation. Regardless of all this it was still one of my favourite Android Put on gadgets, though that was partly due to minimal competition.

Since the original’s release the battle for your wrist has actually warmed up. It’s kindlying then to see that Motorola has addressed all my significant complaints with this brand-new Moto 360 2nd Gen.

Size matters

Most notably, the Moto 360 is no more a one-size-fits-all watch. There are now two screen sizes, 46mm and 42mm. The larger 46mm watch is referred to as ‘Made for males’ and also uses a 22mm band. Nonetheless, I assume most will certainly be healthier with the smaller 42mm design. This can be found in a ‘Developed for men’ version with a 20mm band and a ‘Developed for females’ design with a slimmer 16mm band (revealed here).

Unless you truly like a really huge watch, the smaller sized design is the much better selection. I didn’t discover the smaller 1.37 in display to be any sort of more difficult to review, or communicate with, than the 1.56 in screen on the bigger version. With both models being 11.4 mm thick even the smaller sized design is still a pretty beefy watch however after that the Apple Watch is 10.5 mm as well as the Asus Zenwatch is 9.4 mm, so it’s in the exact same ball park as its major rivals.

There’s likewise a Moto 360 Sport, with integrated GENERAL PRACTITIONERS as well as a moulded silicone shell, which I’ll manage in a different testimonial when examples are available.


Motorola has actually sensibly supplied numerous alternatives to customise your Moto 360 to your preferences through its easy to make use of Moto Maker. In addition to choosing the dimension, you can select the colour of the case, the colour of the bezel, whether you want that with a ‘micro knurl’ or ‘micro cut’ texture on your bezel, plus there’s an array of leather or metal link bands. All the bands are easily removable thanks to quick-release catches on the rear, so you could easily switch them out.

There’s not the huge variety of options that Apple is rapidly assembling for the Apple Watch, undoubtedly, however there’s a great deal of option as well as costs are fairly regular also, unlike with Apple. The most affordable watch (42mm, silver, plain bezel, leather strap) sets you back ₤ 229, while even one of the most costly (46mm, gold surface, appearance bezel, steel band) only concerns ₤ 349.

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^ Changing the band is truly easy

Now certainly that’s not a real gold watch, just like Apple’s effort, however at the very least the Moto’s price variations are small sufficient that you can acquire the watch you desire, not simply the watch you can pay for. A stainless steel Moto 360 with link bracelet is ₤ 259, while a similar-looking Apple Watch starts at ₤ 819.

The brand-new 360 is easily the most customisable Android smartwatch about, with around 300 possible mixes on offer. When you consider that you could conveniently add any sort of watch strap you like, thanks to the common lugs, it has more capacity for customisation than even the Apple Watch.

Wear and tear

The new Moto 360 is as tough as the old one. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 as well as there’s IP67 dust and also water resistance, so you could use it on the beach, though not in the sea. My testimonial example came in the Rose Gold surface and also the situation stood rather well to the roughhousing I offered it over a few weeks of screening, with no obvious marks or scratches.

It’s worth noting that the older Moto 360 has actually stood up to similar treatment for months now. It also, amazingly, made it through a travel with the washing equipment at 60C, coming back to life after a day or 2 of drying out!

The just weak factor remains the leather band, which has a pleasingly raw, distinctive surface, yet meanings it’s even more permeable than a shinier band. I put on a smartwatch at all times I’m awake, and also with two tiny kids that suggests it routinely splashes, obtains odd dashes of food on it and a lot more besides. The Moto 360’s basic strap is fine for those with a neater life, yet it was looking rather worn, rather fast for me. There may be a sports version, yet a smart plastic strap for this watch would be a good alternative. Though you can select one up online for much less than ₤ 10.

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^ The strap began to see some wear after a couple of dousings with water

Other compared to that niggle, the Moto 360 2nd Gen looks as well as feels fantastic, as well as is quite comfortable to put on. The crown button has been moved about to a much more easily obtainable position at two O’clock, plus it has much clear feedback than before, with an unique click when you push it.


The components inside have been improved. There’s an upgrade to a more energy efficient Snapdragon 400 processor (together with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage space), which alone need to raise battery life. Additionally the new smaller sized model keeps the 300mAh battery of the initial, while the bigger model is updated to a larger 400mAh battery, so both have larger batteries compared with their display sizes.

In method I found that the 42mm Moto 360 2nd Gen effortlessly lasted a day of usage (also in the Always-on setup, to make sure that you can always see the time) with around 30 % of battery left. Turn this off and you could eke out 2 days of light use from the gadget– depending obviously on just the number of alerts you receive and also utilize the watch to respond to.

There’s now a choice to double-click royalty switch to place the screen to rest totally. This improves battery life, as the watch will not revive whenever you tremble your wrist, you merely click the switch once again to stir up it.

The cordless billing dock remains greatly unchanged from the original, except it has a number of added swellings on the base to aid hold the smaller sized model in the appropriate location. The watch, if positioned thoroughly, will work on any Qi cordless wall charger, so you could get away with taking a solitary such wall charger with you on vacation. Most individuals, though, will certainly need to pack the little billing stand when they go away.

There’s no NFC right here, so the Moto 360 Second Gen won’t gain from any future initiatives to press Android Pay to Android Put on (as Apple Pay deal with Apple Watch). There are dual microphones so you can utilize voice commands to control Android Put on, or dictate text messages, but you can not utilize it to answer telephone calls by chatting to your wrist.

You do get a heart-rate monitor, which could be handy for those that such as the sense of achievement provided by attaining ever-escalating objectives set by your watch. I’ve never ever understood just how these are established or what relationship they have actual medical advice on things to do levels, they are always really pleased with me initially, as I walk practically anywhere, then end up being nagging when I reject alter my behaviour to meet the following target up.