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I have encountered my most recent ‘initial world trouble’ shortly after updating to an another Android phone. It simply would not link my Moto 360 to my brand-new Galaxy S6 Edge (review is coming quickly)! The brand-new handset couldn’t find my watch when I attempted coupling it, and my Moto 360 wasn’t able to hook up to the phone. So just what should you perform in this case if that took place to you?

If you possess a Moto 360, LG G Watch or any sort of various other Android Use based smartwatch, you will certainly have the very same issue as I did after getting a new phone. Well … there excels and problem for you …

Pairing your Moto 360 with 2 devices …

… is simply not possible. According to Google’s very own help center post, Android Wear users could connect several smartwatches to a single phone, but not the various other way around.

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However, combining your Moto 360 with another brand-new Android phone …

… is really extremely very easy as well as quick! If, at any time you encounter an issue with your smartwatch, the easiest thing to do is resetting the gadget to manufacturing facility setups. Unlike Android phones and tablet computers, resetting your Moto 360 or LG G Watch will not totally clutter it up, but will simply call for a maximum or 10 to 15 mins to obtain all your settings back in place.

The exact same thing applies to pairing your smartwatch with a brand-new phone:

  1. Install the Android Use application on your new phone
  2. Reset your Moto 360 to manufacturing facility settings
  3. Pair Moto 360 with the brand-new device

This is how you reset any Android Wear smartwatch to manufacturing facility settings:

  1. Go to Settings (press when in the middle of your watch face and scroll down)
  2. Select “Reset device”
  3. Confirm the reset by touching on the eco-friendly button

It could occupy to a few few minutes for your watch to reset and boot Android Put on once again before you can match it with a new gadget.

Resetting will not delete apps

In instance you do not know, Android Wear watches don’t have applications that you would certainly set up straight from your watch. Every little thing you do is connected to your phone. This means that by resetting your Moto 360 you will not shed all your watch apps per-se. You simply need to install all the apps you have actually utilized before on your brand-new phone.

The just point that you will certainly miss out on initially is all the awesome watch encounters you have actually set up or developed previously. Yet do not stress, simply mount the watch face application you used just before as well as you will certainly be good to go! Here you could learn the best ways to make your very own Android watch encounters.

Assuming that you have already set-up your brand-new Android mobile, pairing your smartwatch with a brand-new phone will take you no more than 10 mins in total. Just reset your watch and set it with the brand-new phone. It’s actually that simple.

Now that you have an extra device on your hands, visit exactly what cool stuff you can do with your antique Android phone (includes enduring a zombie apocalypse)!

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