We still don’t understand a load regarding the Tag Heuer clever watch, save for the truth that it’ll set you back $1,800, run Android Put on and be powered by an Intel chipset. There are still 4 days to precede Tag Heuer is set to completely introduce the thing, yet we might have started our first consider wrist straps for it.

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An confidential informant sent this shot along revealing a selection of wrist straps in bright and also vibrant shades. To be honest, they looked a little off to us at initial – they come off as something you would certainly find on a $20 youngsters’s watch versus an $1,800 wrist watch. That said, there’s reason to think these might be legit.

For starters, the tease Tag Heuer released earlier does appear to show a similar wrist strap. If you observe on the left in the image below, there are profound holes throughout the band like the ones you see in the dripped photo. We can also see that a bulk of the surface location is thicker then the bezels on the band, something additionally reflected in the dripped image.

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One last fascinating little evidence comes from the part numbers discovered on the different bands in the photo. Some fast study on the numbers bring up vacant item web pages on Tag Heuer’s internet site, though they do not tell us a lot of anything. We took the sub-number ‘SAR8A80’ located on a variety of those web pages and also discovered that they continually direct to an FCC listing for an Intel clever watch. Those links can not be totally coincidental.

So, would Mark Heuer actually release an $1,800 wise watch with these kinds of straps as standard? They ‘d capture sufficient warmth to thaw your face off. However nobody ever before said Tag Heuer couldn’t provide affordable versions of their smart watch, either.

Unfortunately it is difficult to state for particular whether these are 100 % indicated for use on Tag Heuer’s upcoming wise watch, yet with merely 4 days to locate out it won’t be too long of a wait before we understand for ourselves.