Wearable Tech Could Someday Be as Common as Smartphones, cool gadgets

If you believe wearable technology like Google Glass as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Equipment is just a fad, believe again.

A whopping 91 percent of Americans are delighted concerning wearable tech, baseding on a current research conducted by Wakefield Research for Santa Clara, Calif.-based cloud and also networking technologies strong Citrix. The study revealed that not only are most Americans excited concerning wearable modern technology, they believe it’s on the increase, with 60 percent of participants showing they assume wearable tech will certainly be as usual as smartphones in merely six years.

That’s roughly when today’s Sixth will certainly be avoided to college.

When it involves wearing their tech, 73 percent of folks desire a gizmo that blends into the day-to-day apparel as opposed to something like Google Glass that draws interest to itself. Just 19 percent of respondents were delighted regarding the possibility of wise glasses. In contrast, the most significant victor of the number was wise watches, with 30 percent of respondents thrilled concerning the technology.

So exactly what do folks plan on finishing with all that wearable technology? Most participants think that wearable innovation will certainly be made use of largely for fun in their life, while 41 percent think that the tech will certainly make them a lot more productive.

All that exhilaration for wearable technology doesn’t issue to one particular sort of technology that’s visiting be a clear winner over time.

When asked just what imaginary wearable modern technology they would certainly most prefer to own, leading responses consisted of X-ray glasses from James Bond and also Tony’s Stark’s shield match from Iron Man. Neither innovation has actually been created as well as launched to the general public. Not yet, anyway.